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BAS-P and BAS-U – Certificate English course

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Every construction site must have an appointed Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor – in Swedish: BAS P and BAS U - one for the planning phase and one for the construction phase. The amount of required training is always in relation to the extinct of the construction and the previous experience of the BAS P/BAS U. The Course is closed with a test, proving and developing knowledge and self-awereness.

This course gives you the competence to work as BAS-P or BAS-U if you have relevant experiences from building and civil engineering. At any Project within building and civil engineering, there must be a co-ordinator for work environment for both planning (BAS-P, Principal Designer) and the performing phase (BAS-U, Principal Contractor). This requirement is due to even smaller works and service jobs. It’s the Client who appoint the co-ordinators, and must have verified training, competence and experience enough for the role in relation to the work intended. The Client can let a Contractor or a clients’ delegee take all such responsibilities if the work is done independently and there is a written contract regarding the responsibility transfer. The course will give you basic knowledge regarding the work environment responsibility and how the related questions are to be considered during planning, conducting and further usage, within a Construction and civil- and engineering work. After examination you will recieve a certificate of Documented skills for Construction Work Environment Coordinator BAS-P/BAS-U course in accordance with AFS 1999:03 and Arbetsmiljölagen. We can also offer you to complete an examination for the certification of RISE (in swedish) and to place your certificate on ID 06.


The education is aimed at you who will assume the role of Coordinator BAS-P/BAS-U or should receive delegated work environment tasks.


The education comprises two days. After passing the exam you will receive a certificate of documented skills for Construction Work Environment Coordinator BAS-P/BAS-U course.

Kursen omfattar två dagar. I priset ingår digital kursdokumentation samt att vissa övningar skrivs ut och delas ut på plats. Vi bjuder på för- och eftermiddagsfika och lunch.

Byggakademin är ID06 ackrediterade. Du har möjlighet att lägga in ditt intyg på ID06. 

Kommande kurstillfällen

Inga tillgängliga datum för den valda kursen


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